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Image Care  is a not-for-profit society, registered on 2011 with the main objective to provide basic education through welfare policing, education of street children, vocational skills for women and detox programs were its initiating projects.

Vision: Image Care envisions to challenge the socio-economic inequalities and enable the vulnerable sections of the society towards to become self sustainable.

Mission: To mobilize and harness the power of children, youth, women and people at large to approach illiteracy.



  1. To provide basic education to children, youth, women.
  2. To organize services for individuals, groups and communities so as to inculcate the self help.
  3. To organize literacy campaign viz. formal education, non-formal education, tutorial classes and vocational training of various types for empowerment of women, children, youth and community as a whole.
  4. To undertake projects for rural up-liftment and development of education, vocational training.
  5. To establish, sustain and support facilities for skill upgradation thereby promoting self reliance.

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